Let's be real…

Creating a healthier lifestyle can feel impossible sometimes. We often feel like life is working against us, but in reality it's our mindset. It's easy to compare our lives to fitness influencers we see online and wonder why it's so easy for them. The truth is it takes a lot of time to create a lifestyle that enables you to effortlessly maintain it, I'm talking years here, not just weeks or months.
Start One Habit at a Time - give yourself 1 month to build 1 habit. So in one year you will realistically be able to implement 10-12 habits, this can be life changing. “Aim to be consistent, not perfect”, is one of my favorite quotes because it applies to everything in life. Stop searching for the perfect diet or training program. Start with moving more in ways that you enjoy and then build from there. You're only going to see results if you're consistent, and you'll only be consistent if you enjoy the process.
It's okay to fall off track - Yes you have to aim for consistency but, being consistently good is better than inconsistently perfect. What I mean by that, is aim for 85-90% adherence. You can't always be on track, it's impossible to be perfect, life happens. If you expect life to get in the way sometimes, you'll be ready for when it happens. Keep it fun - experiment with different ways of eating and moving. Pick what you enjoy and what works for you.